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PO Box  15345
Atlanta GA 30333

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Locate the Institute

Course Address

The Arthur Building
1975 North Park Place
Atlanta GA 30339 

Our facility can be difficult to locate. To get to the Institute, use Mapquest for the QuickMart located at 2471 Windy Hill Road Southeast, Marietta, GA. Your GPS will not recognize the 1975 N. Park Place address. (Exit #260 off 75.) 

As you are traveling on Windy Hill Road, turn right onto the alley (Amsterdam Way) next to the QuickMart located at 2471 Windy Hill Road Southeast, Marietta, GA (just past North Park Place) and drive to the end where you will see signs for parking and our facility. 

Area Map


Street View

Street view of entrance to Amsterdam Way off Windy Hill Road, next to Quik Mart:



Please do not park at the front of our building on North Park Place; this area houses another business, and we are not permitted to park there. Our training center has free parking at the back of our building.

About Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia, is home to the largest AMI community in North America. It is presently a dynamic hub of Montessori activity, with public and private schools in urban, suburban, and rural settings, providing for upper income as well as economically disadvantaged families. Ages served range from the infant/toddler community up through middle schools. Local jobs exist, along with hundreds of positions nationally (and internationally). There are sponsorships by both private schools and international corporations to cover tuition, for those interested in relocating.

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Mileage to/from selected cities:


Memphis, TN




Charlotte, NC




Raleigh, NC




Orlando, FL




Savannah, GA




Mobile, AL




Baltimore, MD




Cincinnati, OH





Students from out of town can be assisted in locating reasonably priced housing for the periods when classes are in session. Let us know of your need.