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Primary (Ages 3-6) Course Catalog

1. Montessori Education

4. Course Requirements

7. Leaving the Course

2. Organization, Affiliation, & Objective

5. Admissions

8. Additional Information

3. Program of Study

6. Fees

9. Bibliography


2. Affiliation and Objective

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FriendshipsThe Association Montessori Internationale (AMI)

The Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) was established in 1929 by Dr. Maria Montessori and guided for more than fifty years by her son and close collaborator, Mario M. Montessori. It is presently directed by an international board and supported by distinguished leaders and scholars all over the world. AMI is the oldest authority on the application of Dr. Maria Montessori’s theory and practice and, since its inception, has been a coordinating agency for Montessori growth and development. Frequent international study conferences sponsored by AMI have served as important milestones in the exchange of insights which have grown out of the application of Montessori pedagogy in widely differing lands and cultures. At the present time, AMI directs studies in affiliated teacher training institutions on six continents.


The Association Montessori Internationale authorizes and permits the International Montessori Training Institute (IMTI) to establish and conduct AMI Montessori Training Courses.

Statement of Objective

Knobless CylindersMontessori education for a child of any age is based on the self-construction of the child within a prepared environment, aiming for the fullest possible development of the child.

The goal of AMI Montessori teacher training courses is to guide adults as they prepare for the work and responsibility of helping each child develop the fullness of his or her potential. During the course of training, the student is assisted in learning a pedagogy that supports the development of the child.