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Primary (Ages 3-6) Course Catalog

1. Montessori Education

4. Course Requirements

7. Leaving the Course

2. Affiliation and Objective

5. Admissions

8. Additional Information

3. Program of Study

6. Fees

9. Bibliography


9. Bibliography

This book list is for reference purposes; the required readings for each course will be forwarded upon the trainee’s acceptance into the course. Many of these titles can be obtained from the North American Montessori Teachers' Association (NAMTA).  The Clio editions are recommended due to the high standard of the translations of Montessori’s writings.

Montessori, Maria, The Absorbent Mind (Clio Press).
A discussion of the development of infants and young children, birth to three years.

Montessori, Maria, The Discovery of the Child (Clio Press).
Early writings of Dr. Montessori highlighting the materials and the work of the child in the primary class (ages 3-6).

Montessori, Maria, Education and Peace (Clio Press).
Essays including lectures from 6th International Montessori Congress in Copenhagen in 1937.

Montessori, Maria, Education for a New World (Clio Press).
A discussion of the role of education in a changing world.

Montessori, Maria, The Formation of Man (Clio Press).
Dr. Montessori’s approach to world literacy.

Montessori, Maria, The Secret of Childhood (Ballantine Books).
An introduction, both practical and theoretical, including observations and insights into the nature of young children.

Montessori, Maria, Spontaneous Activity in Education (Clio Press).
Volume I of The Advanced Montessori Method. A fundamental text with key sections devoted to experimental science, observational techniques, and the development of intelligence.

Montessori, Mario, The Human Tendencies and Montessori Education (AMI, second edition).
A classic essay on the imagination, the natural characteristics of the child, and the integration of human development and history.

Montessori, Mario M., Jr., Education for Human Development (Clio Press).
The ideas of Montessori from a philosophical, psychological, and educational point of view. Foreword by Buckminster Fuller.

Standing, E.M., Maria Montessori: Her Life and Work (New American Library).
A biography including Dr. Montessori’s life, her development of material, the child’s work in the class, and the growth of the Montessori movement.