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Theory Lectures

Auditing a Lecture

AMI Diploma holders may audit one or more lectures on the current training course. Advance registration is required.


This is a tentative schedule of theory lectures for 2016-2017. 
Please call to confirm time and date.
 (Most lectures are scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m.)

September 8:         Human Tendencies
September 9:         4 Planes of Development
September 12:       Absorbent Mind
September 12:       The Prepared Environment
September 13:       Introduction to Practical Life
September 27:       Development of Movement
September 28:       The Prepared Adult
October 4:             Sensitive Periods
October 5:             Introduction to Sensorial Area
October 26:           Observation
November 28:        Intro. to Language, Part 1, Spoken
November 30:        Intro. to Language, Part 2, Writing
December 2:          Freedom and Discipline
December 15:        Intro. to Language, Part 3, Reading
December 20:        Introduction to Art
January 18:           Deviations and Normalization
January 31:           Introduction to Mathematics
February 24:          Social Development


Individual lecture: $25 per person
Entire series of 16 lectures: $350 per person (a savings of $50)

Course Location

International Montessori Training Institute
1975 North Park Place
Atlanta, GA 30339

For a complete map or written driving directions, click here.
Free parking available.

Three Ways to Register

  1. To pay securely online using PayPal or your credit/debit card, click here.
  2. To print your registration and mail it in, click here.
  3. To email us your registration information and then pay by placing a check in the mail, click here.

Contact IMTI for more information: 770-953-4684.