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Auditing Theory Lectures

Feedback from Participants

“The experience of attending the theory lectures ... this past year was invaluable to my growth as a Montessori administrator. It is easy to get bogged down in the day to day paperwork, fundraising, staffing, etc. and lose sight of the greater purpose. The lectures brought into focus the beauty of Montessori work and what a joy it is to see in action every day.
    "Thank you Joen and Connie for allowing me the opportunity to be a part of it!”

—Trayce Merino, Montessori School at Emory, July 9, 2009

"I have audited the Theory Lectures offered by Joen Bettmann.  I found these audits very beneficial as they were a good refresher of the Montessori philosophy and helped me broaden my knowledge.
I would highly recommend these audits for administrative staff who have not been trained in Montessori and for those who would like to hear the lectures again."

—Maria Haider, Director Crabapple Montessori School

“Theory audits are not only a delightful opportunity to sit quietly and think about what it is that we do and how wonderful it is--they are a good opportunity to hear the beguiling Joen Bettmann present with great detail and so bring up aspects we may have never thought about---whether we heard them the first time or not.
    "I highly recommend the audits and hope there will be many I can attend. 
    "To bring peace, get peace.  This is one way to do it!  It will take you back to the original writings and to your observations with renewed awe in Human Potential.”

—Gail Pruitt Hall, Northwoods Montessori Educational Director