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Working with Parents

Pictures and more from the January 21, 2012, Working with Parents workshop with Jim Brand.

What Some Participants Said

I was so glad to meet Jim and Gail. Jim's reminder to focus upon the relationship with the parent was well illustrated throughout.
Gail Pruitt Hall, M.Ed., Director of Education, Northwoods Montessori

Dear Joen,
Thank you for having us in your beautiful environment. Phillip and I enjoyed meeting Jim and Gail Brand.  It is refreshing to hear suggestions for everyday encounters and to remember that these parents are each special individuals with their own problems to cope with. They truly are the most nurturing of parents as they have sought out the best possible environment for their children. It is always good to remember that we are the guides of the children and that does include the parents.
Sometimes, if we remain with open hearts, they may serve as guides to us.
Thank you, The Willinghams

Photos of the Event